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Chromebook Guidelines and Expectations

Please note recent changes that have been made regarding Chromebooks:

  • If your student has a Chromebook with a clear case issued by HCS, please do not take the case off as it voids the warranty. 6th graders will be receiving new Chromebooks with clear cases within the first few weeks of school. Please do not take the cases off.
  • A revised HCS Chromebook Protection Plan (see below for details) will be available to purchase during the month of September with school fees. The second repair is no longer covered by the plan, but it will be determined by an HCS staff or designee. Additionally, damage that is deemed intentional is not covered by the plan, and the full amount of repair/replacement will be due. Please see the image below for more details. If you have a Chromebook in need of repair, please bring it to the 1st floor office to Mrs. Stacey.


Protection Plan for all HCS Devices

Parents/ guardians are solely responsible for any damages to their student’s devices once the student takes ownership of these devices without regard to the cause, fault, location, or circumstances. With this in mind, a Protection Plan is available to parents and students who want to ensure their devices against unforeseen damages. 

  • K-5 Recommended if taking a device home
  • 6-12 Required

Purchasing HCS Protection Plan

The Protection Plan may be purchased annually online at MySchoolFees


With Protection Plan

Initial Cost 


Repair 1


Repair 2

Cost determined by HCS technology staff or designee**

Lost/Stolen Digital Device


Non-repairable Digital Device

$ Cost of replacement**


**No device will be reissued until the full cost of the repair payment/s is collected per Hoover City Board of Education Textbook and Device Rules.

  • The Protection Plan does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical, or other abuse, damage from excessive heat or water, acts of nature, or any abuse. Anything unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses in a residence or school, and includes, but is not limited to, damage by vandalism, use of improper cleaning solutions, leaving damaging substances on the device, the dropping of heavy objects on the device, or a device that has not been maintained with proper care and use; and “acts of extreme nature” include, but are not limited to, weather-related damage and fire damage. 
  • All payments are non-refundable. If the device is taken because of disciplinary measures or otherwise, the Protection Plan purchase or other fees will not be refunded.
  • Any malfunction or damage determined by HCS technology staff to be a manufacturer’s defect will not be charged to the student, and the device will be replaced. However, if the damage is determined to be intentional or malicious, the Protection Plan will not cover the cost of repair, and the full amount of repair/replacement will be due. Disciplinary action may follow.
  • If your device is lost, damaged, or has technical issues, please immediately report this to your teacher or administrator. 

Taking Care of Your Device

  1. Carefully and considerately store your device in your locker, book bag, and home.
  2. It is preferred that you carry your device in a protective sleeve or case when not in use.
  3. Devices must come to school with a full battery charge.
  4. Do not use your device around food, liquids, or drinks. Avoid getting any moisture or crumbs in any opening. 
  5. Do not use household cleaners to clean your device- only a soft, lint-free cloth on the screen.
  6. Never throw, slide, drop, or press harshly on your device.
  7. Do not leave your device in the sun or extreme cold.
  8. Personalized screensavers and/or backgrounds are permitted. However, school disciplinary action will result from inappropriate images in a school setting.
  9. Devices are NOT allowed in the locker rooms or the cafeteria during lunch periods (except with specific permission from a teacher or administrator).
  10. Cords, cables, and USB connections should be carefully inserted and removed to prevent damage.
  11. Do NOT let anyone else borrow or use your device. You are responsible for any damage that may occur to your device, no matter the circumstances.